Tower Installation

TA Engineering offers complete turnkey service for the telecommunication industry including site clearing, building access roads, installation of security fencing and foundations. TA Engineering can furnish and install shelters, generators, propane tanks, grounding and site utilities. TA Engineering has the equipment and knowledge to safely perform tower, antenna and foundation installations. Site and civil installations can also be performed, if required.

TA Engineering erects all types of guyed, self-supporting or monopole towers. TA Engineering will erect towers manufactured by other vendors. TA Engineering’s crews are equipped with PE designed gin-poles and modern winches to assure trouble free installation. Additionally, TA Engineering will utilize cranes when possible and helicopters for specialized lifts. TA Engineering’s crews’ practice 100% Tie-off.

TA Engineering installs mat, pad, pier, drilled caisson foundations and geo-piers. TA Engineering has the capabilities to install specialty foundations using rock anchors or helical anchors when required. TA Engineering has experience in difficult foundation installations involving rock removal, dewatering or abnormal soil conditions as specified by EIA TIA 222 standards. Geo-technical services are available.

TA Engineering offers complete antenna and line installation services. TA Engineering’s capabilities include installation of panel antennas, omni directional antennas, standard dishes, high-performance dishes, FM Antennas, Yagis, HDTV antennas, and AM folded unipoles/detuning skirts. TA Engineering qualified technicians can install any type of heliax, rigid coax, cable downleads, RG cable, elliptical waveguide line that these antennas require. Line sweeping service is also available.