Solar Panels

TA Engineering provides full services in solar panel installation enabling homes, villages, remote areas and infrastructures to be powered with clean and cost-efficient solar energy. For your solar system project life-cycle, we manage the solar panel installation phase and provide seamless support and assistance for maintenance after installation. Our team of seasoned engineers will design and build for your energy needs a high quality and reliable solar power system. You don’t have to lift a finger because we take care of everything from assessment of your needs, to scheduling for design, and securing those big, beautiful panels on your site.What to expect from us:

Full needs and site assessment, a phase during which we understand your needs, verify on site measurements, and adjust for shade and obstructions on site.

Design Approval. After the site survey, our solar design expert sketches the most appropriate configuration needed to match your needs with the site structure. You have the last word of approval here.

Installation. Once we have your approval, work commences. Engineers descend on field, review solar panel installation plan, mark off work zones, install rails for solar panels, mount panels, pass electric cables, install electrical equipment… in short things get really serious!

Power Up. After a complete review of all installations and sign off you are set to go green. Congratulations you can now enjoy clean and cost-effective solar energy!